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Solution to name issue can be reached by June EU summit: Zaev tells RFE/RL

We have to be careful and creative in finding a solution to the name issue. Timeframe is very important for making decisions, PM Zoran Zaev said in Sunday’s interview with RFE/RL's Balkan Service.

"Most probably the final decision [on a name change] will be tied to the vote by Macedonia, by its citizens, on handing over some sovereignty to the European Union, on becoming an EU member -- something that we want to see. Then this has to be reflected in the constitution. This is the likely way for a solution to be found, because as you may know Greece is seeking a change of our constitution with regard to the name change. I am convinced that with creativity a solution can be found," he told.

Asked whether he is still optimistic that the problem we have with Greece over name issue will resolved by the EU summit in June, he said he is optimistic and believes that optimism leads him and helped him a lot to look bravely, attentively and essentially to this serious process. “It is a 27-year-old long serious problem, which has not been solved. Believing that it is really the right time for a solution and thank God I am not the only optimist, there also other who are optimists in our country, first of all the people who are helping me, the majority of the citizens in our country,” Zaev said.

In the interview he underlined that it is possible to reach a solution before the EU Summit.

I am quite convinced, when we have climbed up the ladders, it is possible to reach a solution before the June EU Summit,” Zaev said in the interview with RFE/RL's Balkan Service.

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