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Zaev: Ivanov’s decision is a fragrant violation of the Constitution

The Law on the Use of Languages ​​will not change anything in Macedonia, nor will it disturb its common future. I appeal to everyone, let the law live, respect the institutions, and the Constitutional Court and the Venice Commission will have their say on the matter, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev .

“Let’s leave the Law on the Use of Languages ​​to see the light of day. I regret that the President of the country decided to blatantly disrespect the Constitution and announced for the second time that he would not sign off on the law. This is not good, it’s a flagrant violation of the Constitution of Macedonia and of course the institutions have no right to permit this to happen”, Zaev said.

He pointed out that the law was not passed in secret unlike behind the scenes in past, but the debate had been open for nine months.

“Let’s all focus and give our multi-ethnic society a chance, where all citizens will be equal in accordance with the Constitution and will enjoy their rights. This law has given a deprived beginning to citizens from smaller communities”, saidthe prime minister.

According to him, the law should be passed and signed, submitted to the Constitutional Court and the Venice Commission, however it should also be clearly stated that in Stip, Gevgelija, and Strumica no one should have to speak Albanian.

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