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SDS illegally passes unconstitutional Language Law

The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, without opposition and by breaking Parliament procedures forcefully voted in the Language Law. No one saw the voting, but it doesn’t quite matter because this is an unlawful Parliament.

Xhaferi and DUI carefully selected March 14 as the date the illegal law must be passed because on March 14th 2001 begun the NATO sponsored UCK attack on Tetovo.

Lawmakers from the opposition tried to stop voting in the law and to ask for a procedural address, but UCK’s Talat Xhaferi interrupted the session and left. Shortly after Xhaferi returned and announced the law has been passed!

Earlier, when Xhaferi tried to open the point, lawmakers from the opposition called for procedural reasons, but he ignored them and continued their work, after several MPs of VMRO-DPMNE, including former leader Nikola Gruevski, took to the podium.

March 14, marks the day Macedonia stopped being a country.


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