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Macedonian ‘Secret Ingredients' at Prague ’Febiofest’

Macedonian feature movie ‘The Secret Ingredients’ by the young filmmaker, screenwriter and producer Gjorce Stavreski will be screened at Prague International Film Festival ‘Febiofest’ on March 18, 19 and 20 within the ‘Balkan Echoes’ program.

Febifest was founded in 1993 by FEBIO, an independent film and TV company. Starting as an enthusiastically organized, basically no-budget event for a couple of friends and film buffs, Febiofest has grown during the past years into one of the largest film festivals in the Czech Republic, which nevertheless still maintains its original profile as an audience-friendly festival.

Basically the festival is oriented towards full length films, bringing to Czech audiences the best films of the last year, as well as distribution premieres, retrospectives and tributes. It also discovers new territories and unknown filmmakers, and features special sections dedicated to gay and lesbian cinema, children’s films (Febiofest Junior), and even experimental films.

After the festival completes its run in Prague, selected films (mostly distribution pre-premieres) travel to 8 other Czech cities to give movie lovers beyond the capital an opportunity to see high quality films.

Thus far the festival has hosted renowned directors and actors such as Nanni Moretti, Claude Lelouch, Peter Weir, Olivier Assayas, Roman Polanski, Volker Schloendorff, Isztvan Szabo, Tsai Ming-Liang, Tom Tykwer, Hal Hartley, Andrey Konchalovski, Armin Mueller Stahl, Nikita Michalkov, Carlos Saura and Claudia Cardinale.

‘Secret Ingredients’ has been already presented at ‘Kosmorama’ - Norway; Bergamo Film Meeting -Italy and Sofia Film Fest – Bulgaria.

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