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Macedonian lamb price low, mainly exported to Italy

The purchase price of first-class lamb to traditional Italian market ranges between MKD 135 to MKD 140 for Easter holidays, sheep breeders said.

Sheep breeders are not satisfied either with the price or the product placement. They expect export to reach a maximum to 150.000 heads of sheep which is a decrease compared to last year when it reached 200.000.

“Macedonian lamb is traditionally exported in Italy as well as in Croatia. We also know that there are demands for lamb in Turkey. The price is low which cannot cover production costs. We believe that two factors influence the product placement-the Easter is nearing and the lambs are not grown up for sale. Also the number of sheep stagnates it does not increase. The shepherds work is very expensive and there are no people who would like to work this job,” President of Sheep Breeders Association ‘Dashi’ from Debar, Skender Ame said.

Last year the purchase price of the lamb was MKD 130 per kilogram, and four years ago it reached MKD 180. In order to have cost-effective production, it should be at least MKD 160 per kilogram. We are offered less because we are not an EU member. However, they demand our lamb, because the most quality lamb comes from Macedonia,” Ame explained.

The deadline for the purchase of the Easter lamb for the Italian market is March 23, because it takes ten days to a week to slaughter and transport the sheep. 

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