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Macedonian Champion will have a harder way to the Champions League

Macedonian football champion from the next season will have a harder way to qualify for the Champions League groups, but the elimination will mean an automatic extension to the qualifications for the Europa League. Our country's champion will now start the qualifications in the Champions League from the first round, but if is eliminated, it will continue to the second qualifying round of the Europa League. Apart from Vardar, who was the first Macedonian champion to make a step forward for a decade, all other Macedonian champions ended up "in a well" after only one performance. With the new UEFA format for the Champions League, the Macedonian champion will now receive a second chance in the Europa League, and if eliminated at the start.

Five key changes in the competition system in the Champions League have been made. A total of 26 teams provide direct placement in the Champions League. Here, the four highest-ranked leagues, England, Italy, Germany and Spain, will have the biggest benefit, which will have four direct participants. France and Russia received two direct seats, while Portugal, Ukraine, Belgium and Turkey each received one. The total number up to 26 will be filled by the winners of the previous season in the Champions League and in the LE, and for the six remaining places, the "smaller clubs" will fight in the qualifications.

However, every eliminated team, unlike before, will get a new chance and will continue to qualify for the Europa League qualifier.

The format of the group phase of the Champions League will not be changed, but there will be changes in the terms for both competitions. The satellites are 18.55 and 21.00.


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