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United Macedonia called for cancelling Debate on Law on Languages

"United Macedonia" calls for the interruption of the parliamentary debate on the law on the use of languages ​​and the law to be submitted to the Venice Commission on constitutional and legal opinion by professors in constitutional and international law who are members of the Commission.

 "In conditions of deep division in a country where SDSM government claims that the law is constitutional, and the whole patriotic and free think public claims that the law is not constitutional and endangers national and state interests, the opinion of the Venice Commission may be useful.

It is surprising Prime Minister Zaev's naivety that he would send the bill to the Venice Commission, but, even after his adoption, although there is no man in the state who is unclear that the Venice Commission, after the adoption of the law, will determine the unconstitutionality, that has no sense. It is common knowledge that the Albanians do not respect the legal order when one step in the so-called acquired rights, regardless of the fact that they are not in accordance with the Constitution and hence the mission impossible is restitution to the former situation, and if the Venice Commission recommends that the law is unconstitutional in the circumstances if it is passed.

"United Macedonia" congratulates Zaev for the indifference that he can deprive Albanians of already voting rights if the Venice Commission points to the unconstitutionality of the law after its approval, but we do not envy Zaev for naivety.

Therefore, we best advise Zaev to send the law to the Venice Commission before its voting, reads the statement of "United Macedonia".

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