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Prilep Theatre celebrates its 68th anniversary

Prilep-based National Theatre Vojdan Cernodrinski is to celebrate Monday evening its 68th anniversary with performance of comedy From Bad to Worse (‘Od kol na kol’) directed by Kole Angelovski.

The National Theatre Vojdan Cernodrinski staged its first play Kir Janja by Jovan Sterija Popovic, directed by Ace Mihajlovski in 1950, thus marking the foundation of a very productive and successful institution of culture. More than 1.6 million theatregoers have seen 370 premieres and 7,500 plays since then.

Prilep Theatre’s greatest achievement was Bertold Brecht's Drums in the Night directed by Martin Kocovski, which won three awards at MESS Festival in Sarajevo (2008) and the award for best play at 44th edition of Vojdan Cernodrinski Theater Festival.

Due to its renowned ensemble, as well as the numerous national and international prizes it has won, National Theatre is nowadays considered one of the leading theatres in Macedonia. 

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