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Macedonian, Serbian agriculture ministers expected to address 'flour issue'

The agriculture ministers of Macedonia and Serbia are expected by the end of the day to address the flour issue after Serbia has announced it will launch counter-measures to Macedonia's measures introduced for import of flour from Serbia.

This was stated Sunday by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

"We are building friendship and positive relations with all of our neighbors. In the past, we have found solutions to more pressing issues and I believe a solution will be found for this one, too. As early as today the ministers are expected to talk in order to find solutions," Zaev said answering journalist questions.

He also said he didn't expect bread prices to rise because of issues facing millers. "We don't expect prices to increase, there will be significant offer. The state has to intervene and I see a solution in modern measures used by some countries, such as storage notes, a form of securities," the PM said.

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