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Independent Greeks against name including term 'Macedonia'

Greek government junior coalition partner Independent Greeks has reiterated its stance of not supporting a name including term 'Macedonia' in the dispute's solution, MIA reports from Athens.

"Regarding the issue of Skopje, Independent Greeks will not vote for a solution including term 'Macedonia' or its derivatives in the name of the neighboring country. The reason for this is that Skopje's use of name 'Macedonia' stimulates their irredentism. On the other hand, it seems very difficult, even impossible, for prime minister Zaev to convince communities in the country that the name and the constitution should change," party spokesperson Madalena Papadopoulou told ANA-MPA.

She adds that Athens is not in a hurry for a solution, while "Skopje and Albania should understand that Greece is the key country for their European perspective."

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