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Tzipras and Siriza see perfect opportunity for new name for Macedonia

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has again voiced optimism over the name issue and expects concrete steps from the Macedonian authorities. He believes there is a window of opportunity for a solution in 2018 and decisions must be taken, MIA reports from Athens.

“2018 is an important year for Greece because we are finally getting out of the bailout packages, along with an important window of opportunity for the name settlement. I am convinced now is the time to take the required decisions and justify Greece’s role as a leading force on the Balkans, but also a pillar of stability in the broader region,” says Tsipras in the weekend edition of newspaper Nea Selida.

He says opposition New Democracy is assuming an irresponsible position, forgetting “the historic responsibility of not solving the problem in the past.”

Tsipras expresses hope the opposition will realize that the name issue should not be subject to inter-partisan outwitting, and prerequisites for a broad parliamentary consensus will be created if there is a perspective for a solution.

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