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Day of Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle

The Republic of Macedonia observes Monday the Day of Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle - October 23.

On this occasion, government and parliament delegations will lay flowers at the Goce Delcev monument in the Skopje city park.

On 23 October 1893, Dame Gruev, Hristo Tatarcev, Petar Pop Arsov, Anton Dimitrov and Hristo Botandziev at the house of Ivan Hadzi Nikolov in Thessaloniki formed the Macedonian Revolutionary Committee, which later on became the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation (VMRO) or Internal Macedonian Odrin Revolutionary Organisation (VMORO).

VMRO's establishment marked the start of an organised struggle by Macedonian people and other nationalities for the establishment of an independent country. The day symbolises the continuity of Macedonian struggle for independence, which resulted in establishing a modern, sovereign Macedonian state.

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