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British amateur film wins top prize at FADF in Bitola

James Chalmers from the United Kingdom won the top prize of the Festival of Amateur Documentary Film (FADF) for his work 'Eulogy for the Red Telephone', it was announced Friday.

The festival's 25th edition is opening Friday evening in Bitola with an awards ceremony. Namely, Golden Camera 300 will be presented to Radovan Dzeric from Serbia for his documentary 'Village in the Heart of the City', Silver Camera 300 goes to two authors from Serbia - Drago Latinovic and Ilija Galonja. A Macedonian author, i.e. Petre Chapovski, will be presented with Bronze Camera 300 for the documentary 'Fiddler'.

The award-winning amateur documentaries were selected by an international jury comprised of authors from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia.

Established in 1993, the festival started as initiative to bring together non-professional filmmakers. 

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