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Turkish cable producing company to build plant in Skopje

The Turkish company Çağatay Kablo laid cornerstone Wednesday at the Skopje industrial zone, where it will built a plant to produce cables for the automotive industry, mainly for buses manufactured by the Belgian company Van Hool.

The first stage, estimated to cost EUR 4 million, will see the construction of a facility on an area of 7,000 square meters, where 100 people will be employed. With a planned expansion of the facility at a later stage, the investment will be increased to EUR 6 million and job creation will rise to 300, according to the company's owner Ahmet Köroğlu.

Founded in 1998, the company employs a staff of 315 workers in its plant in Istanbul.

"The main reason for investing in our own facility in the Skopje industrial zone is to be closer to one of our main clients, Van Hool," Köroğlu told reporters.

He said he welcomed the government's policy envisaging increased support for companies that paid higher salaries to their employees. "Çağatay Kablo's salaries will provide a comfortable life," he pledged.

It is expected Çağatay Kablo to launch production from its Skopje plant in 2018, i.e. late March or early April.

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