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There is an open window for talks about the name dispute, said Kotzias after the meeting with Guterres

Macedonia and the name dispute were one of the subjects that last night in New York were discussed by the Head of the Greek Diplomacy, NikosKotzias and the UN’s General Secretary, Antonio Guterres.

As the Greek MFA announced, regarding the name dispute and the talks with the mediation of the Matthew Niemtiz, Kotzias has said that “there is an open window with possibilities” to talk about the name dispute as soon as the local elections are over and if the “neighboring country abandons irredentism.”

-The meeting was also attended by Mr. Niemitz, who met with Vasilakis (the Greek MP participating in the talks about the name dispute, Adamantios Vasilakis) in London a day before yesterday. As you know, the neighboring country will hold local elections in October. I believe that past the elections there will be a window of opportunities for a discussion regarding the name dispute, only if the irredentism is left – said Kotzias after the meeting with Guterres.

In the announcement that was issued by UN’s press service, it states that the UN’s General secretary, Antonio Guterres has” welcomed the renewed efforts to find a solution to the name dispute between Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and has assured the Foreign Minister of the United Nations’ commitment to support the two countries in that regard.

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