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Pustec Mayor Temelko Arrested

Pustec mayor Edmond Temelko was arrested Tuesday afternoon in Skopje, the Interior Ministry told Macedonian media.

An international arrest warrant was issued earlier Tuesday for Edmond Temelko, the mayor of Pustec municipality in Albania. The Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) brought criminal charges against Temelko, political leader of the ethnic Macedonians in Albania, for electoral fraud during the 2013 municipal poll in Macedonia.

The Criminal Court accepted the SPO motion and ruled a 30-day detention for Temelko. Previously, an international search warrant was issued against the Pustec Mayor who had failed to report to the court in the requested intervals.

Pustec is a municipality in Albania, inhabitat by ethnic macedonians. It is one of the poorest region in Albania, forgotten by the albanian government.

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