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Fifty new US Peace Corps volunteers arrive in Macedonia

Fifty new members of the United States Peace Corps arrived in Macedonia on Sunday.

During their two-year stay, the Peace Corps volunteers will work as teachers in English Language, special education teachers, as well as in the field of community development, in partnership with elementary and secondary schools, government institutions, municipalities, and NGOs.

This is the 22nd group of volunteers living and working in Macedonian towns and villages. They will undergo training in the first three months, including the learning of Macedonian and/or Albanian language and culture, and start their service at the beginning of December.

Peace Corps Macedonia director Mark Hannafin welcomed the volunteers at the Skopje-based airport.

"This is the largest group of volunteers of Peace Corps Macedonia to date. The number of volunteers is increasing by the year, demonstrating the large interest among Americans to serve in Macedonia", said Hannafin.

About 700 Peace Corps volunteers have served in Macedonia since the program was established in 1996.

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