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Elena Risteska releases new video clip Tequila & Lemon

Elena Risteska, the 2006 representative of Macedonia, is in front of her new professional step, releasing the video clip of her new single Tequila & Lemon. Elena has been one of the most successful and beloved artists in her country, as she has released 4 albums and more than 20 singles during a career of 15 years.

She has been enjoying a brilliant career in music, having collaborated with well-known names of the music industry in Macedonia and beyond. Her new song has been a summer hit over the previous three months and has seen several remixes released. The song is written in Macedonian language and the influence of the Balkan element on music is evident.

Obviously pleased of her new release, Elena names and thanks all her partners who contributed to the creation of her song and video, from the Russian producers to the dancers that perform during it. Furthermore, she is thankful to her fans who have been following her work for all of these years.

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