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Dimitrov and Kotzias met in New York

In New York, a meeting between Macedonian and Greek diplomats, Dimitrov and Kodzias. They had a shared dinner. Photographs published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens.

So far, there is no information about what the two heads of diplomats, who attend the United Nations General Assembly, discussed.

Kotzias met with Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, with whom he also discussed the name issue two days ago. He believes that after the elections there is a possibility for discussion on the name issue, MRTV reports.

Greek opposition New Democracy MP George Koumoutsakos, who is in charge of foreign policy in the party, sharply attacked Foreign Minister Nikos Kodzias over the name talks of the Republic of Macedonia.

- Is Kotzais having a negotiating mandate and if so what is it? By what credibility is sitting at the negotiating table? What is his position? This play with national issues is over, Koumoutsakos said in the Greek Parliament, adding that New Democracy "will not see it".

Kotzias met with Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres two days ago in New York, with whom, among other things, they discussed the name issue. After the meeting, the head of the Greek diplomacy, attended by the mediator Matthew Nimetz, expressed confidence that after the elections, there is a window for opportunities to discuss the name issue, if irredentism is abandoned, Alsat M. said.

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