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Turkish youth chamber orchestra played concert in Skopje

The Youth Chamber Orchestra of the Turkish cultural organization Turskoy yesterday in Skopje gave a classical music concert that was organized in cooperation with the Skopje-based office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey and the culture and information department of the Turkish embassy to Macedonia.

The Youth Chamber Orchestra of Turskoy consists of 24 musicians from seven countries. In addition to performing in Turkey, the orchestra has held concerts in London and New York.

Its Skopje concert was part of a Balkan tour, which includes performances in Ohrid, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Turskoy is an association that aims to promote the culture of Turkey and to champion cultural cooperation and cultural exchange between different nations, according to Hakan Ozcelik of the Turkish embassy. "It is our honor and pleasure to have organized the concert of the Turskoy organization," he said opening the concert in Skopje.

Turkey's Ambassador to Macedonia, Tulin Erkal Kara was also in attendance. 

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