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New Macedonian Government will officialize Albanian language before local elections

The Albanian language will be promoted as second state language before the local elections, said PM Zoran Zaev, who also said that by doing so, he will not lose votes from citizens either from the Macedonian or Albanian ethnic communities.

“One thing is for sure. The government will pass the law before the local elections and if we are ready it shall pass at the Parliament. Just follow us and you shall see how the number of votes from the Macedonians, Albanians, the Turks and the Serbs will increase for this coalition”, said Zaev.

Before the business meeting with the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce stressed that the people want the problems to be solved.

“No one is losing anything, everyone has the right to equality in our society and to feel Macedonia as its own”, said Zaev who also said that the Law is underway at the Ministry of Justice and that soon, it shall be submitted to the Government from where it shall be sent to the Venetian Commission and Parliament.

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