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Group of leading historians signs petition against falsifying Macedonian history

A group of 26 distinguished historians signed a petition against “attempts to redefine, change and falsify Macedonian history”, whose ultimate goal, the petition says, is to destroy the Macedonian nation and its defining features.

“We stand athwart a final solution attempt at the Macedonian issue, which can have disastrous consequences for the Republic of Macedonia and for the Macedonian people. As Macedonian intellectuals, historians and university professors, we strongly reject the attempts to change the name of our state – Macedonia. We reject the attempts to redefine, change and falsify Macedonian history with the goal to destroy the Macedonian nation and all its characteristics”, the petition calls. Signed by historians such as Violeta Ackoska, Todor Cepreganov, Nikola Zezov, Mihajlo Minovski and others, it was made public as the SDSM led Government announced it will sign a yet undisclosed friendship treaty with Bulgaria which will tackle historic issues, as well the resumed talks with Greece over the name of Macedonia.

“We call on the Government and the opposition in Macedonia to reach unity on Macedonian state and national interests and to begin the preparation of a Macedonian national strategy that will clearly define the non-negotiable foundations of the Macedonian statehood”, the petition calls.

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