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Party of Macedonians in Albania fails to win MP seat

The only party of Macedonians in Albania, the Macedonian Alliance for European Integration (MAEI) failed to win an MP seat at Sunday's parliamentary elections in Albania, MIA reports from Tirana.

MAEI was part of the coalition of the Socialist Movement for Integration, which won only one MP seat in the Korce district, where MAEI secretary-general Vasil Sterjovski was placed fifth on the list.
"Macedonians were again divided and instead of voting for a Macedonian, they voted for the Albanian parties", said Sterjovski.

Preliminary results show that the ruling Socialist Party has won 76 MP seats in the 140-seat parliament, with the opposition Democratic Party winning 41 seats and the Movement for Socialist Integration 20 seats. Turnout was low at about 45 percent. 

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