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Gjorcheska eliminated in the first qualification round at Wimbledon

 The best Macedonian tennis player experienced an expected defeat by the first qualifier holder, Aleksandra Krunic, but was well supported.

In the first heraldry of the grassland, and on the qualifications of Wimbledon, Lina Gjorcheska gave a good resistance to the first seed Aleksandra Krunic from Serbia.

Macedonian tennis player lost 2-0 in sets, 6-4 and 6-4. Trouble was the start of the two sets in which Lina began with a lost service. In the rest of the sets she got the services, but failed to take a break.

Our best tennis player lost in the game of doubles along with Polina Monova (Russia).

However, the Macedonian-Russian combination did not come to an end with the American pair Ashley Wainholt and Kaitlin Voriski who celebrated with 2-0 in sets after almost two hours play. The first set ended with 6-3, while the second set was settled in a tie-break with 8-6.

The statistics say that Ashley and Caitlin had a better percentage of utilization of break-even chances (6 / 17-35 percent versus 5 / 16-31 percent), winning 10 points more than the rivals (104/94), which can be deduced that they deservedly separated Winning this calculation.

For Lina, this was the first performance in the doubles qualification of the Grand Slam, while in a single with this performance in the British capital rounded up all four major tournaments.

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