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Macedonian president: We are on threshold of birth of ‘a new world’

There is a need to understand today’s problems to perceieve the future, said President of Macedonia Gjorge Ivanov.

He made the remarks addressing a panel discussion entitled “The Future of International Relations”, held as part of the Fifth Global Baku Forum on March 16, APA reported. 

The president noted that that the current period is very frightening to many people.

“We are living in a period in which there are terrorists and jihadists. These people are spreading false news to cause fear. What happened so far has reached its peak,” said Ivanov. “In fact, we are on the threshold of the birth of a new world. We have lived in fear until now, but from now on, we must live with the hope of creating a new world.”

According to the Macedonian leader, the new world will be polycentric and there will not be a single society and a single culture.

“This will lead us to a natural period. The new world is in the hands of young people, who suffer from unemployment. Therefore, the EU must regain its strength,” he added.

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