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US Office of Inspector General joins Investigation on Jess Baily and US Embassy

Multiple investigations have been launched to review the work of the US Embassy in Macedonia, and new ones seem to be added almost on weekly basis.

Apart from the ongoing investigations, another two were added, one from the Office of the Inspector General, according to GOP Congressman Trent Franks.

"This is the next step, we have already held preliminary discussions with the OIG as well as the Accounting division to investigate what happened to the funds that were sent to assist in the promotion of human rights, and we have numerous indications the money ended up with organizations connected to George Soros which is completely the opposite of what the money were intended for and this needs to be investigated" says Franks in an interview with Macedonian TV (MTV).

 The OIG Office has a specific division for investigating how USAid money are spent.

 This is certainly not good news for Jess Baily, the US Ambassador could end up in jail considering majority of the USAid funds ended up directly in George Soros hands and his "Open Society" Foundation.  The rest ended up in the hands of leftist activists, leftist media, and everything else tied to the ideology of the left.

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