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Natasha Malinkova in provocative edition

With a provocative photo shoot, the famous singer Natasha Malinkova announces her latest song titled "Hey Mama". It is another piece of music made by the team with whom Malinkova works for many years.
That this photoshoot is an occasion for the new song and thanks to established fashion designers, Viktorija Arsovska and Andrej Papaz Gjorgievski, Natasha this time will pleasantly surprise you. You will see Natasha in a different light for the first time.

- The track is ready for a long time, but waited to solve the problem by banning the broadcast of Macedonian music. It is a song that I'm sure many will like. Something new, fast and different from everything I've ever worked - Malinkova.

The new song has already started preparations for the video.

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