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Greeks Force Twitter Apology from EP President

Newly elected European Parliament spokesman, Italian conservative Antonio Tajani, was forced by Greek Parliamentarians to take to twitter and explain his position on the heritage of Alexander the Great. Greeks were angered with Tajani after, during one of his visits to Macedonia to meet with the fellow conservative VMRO-DPMNE party, he spoke about the legacy of the legendary conqueror.

"Macedonia is a beautiful country. Everyone in Italy knows Macedonia. Why? Because Alexander the Great and Philip of Macedon are very popular ancestors of yours", Tajani said during his visit.

Greek members of European Parliament bothered Tajani over the remarks until he got to twitter on Thursday, and in Greek language wrote that Alexander was Greek. Members of Parliament from all Greek parties were demanding an apology from Tajani, until they got the twitter comment. MIA correspondent in Atens reports that Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias also got in the fray, Speaking in the Greek Parliament he said that he has tasked his Deputy Minister to work in the issue. Kotzias blamed both Macedonia and Albania of trying to steal Greek history and said that historic interpretations are "a battle field".

Greece has blocked Macedonia from opening EU accession talks and from joining NATO, insisting that the country must first change its name, and acknowledge that all of ancient historic figures belong exclusively to modern day Greece.

Greman translation/Deutsch

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