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Macedonia registers 37 HIV cases, two deaths in 2016

Thirty-seven new HIV cases were registered in Macedonia over the course of 2016, two of whom passing away, said HIV/AIDS National Coordinator Zvonko Milenkovic on Thursday.

Of the 37 HIV cases, one-third are under the age of 30, half between the ages of 30-40, while about 20 percent are above 40. Thirty-four are male and three female.

“In today’s era of highly active antiretroviral therapy, we are lowering the number of severe manifestations of the HIV infection and the mortality rate”, said Milenkovic.

According to him, the procedure for procurement of the latest generation of antiretroviral therapy has been completed, with application to begin as of next year.

“A total of 185 persons are subject to continual control and monitoring at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, with 87 percent of patients covered by the antiretroviral therapy”, added Milenkovic.

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