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Russia opens honorary consulate in Bitola

With a diplomatic ceremony and with numerous public officials present, the new honorary consulate of the Russian Federation in Bitola was opened on Wednesday evening, with Businessman Sergey Samsonenko named as the honorary consul.

“Honorary consuls bring the countries together and strengthen mutual understanding. This ceremony testifies that Russian – Macedonian relations are being advanced with new greatness and dynamics. For Russia, Bitola is a special place with historic ties, as it welcomed hundreds of our compatriots from the storms of revolution, making it a sacred place for us”, said Russian Ambassador Oleg Shcherbak.
The consulate building contains a small museum for historic Russian artifacts and an information desk for visitors. In his remarks, Samsonenko also emphasized the closeness between the Russian and the Macedonian peoples. Archbishop Stefan sanctified the new office which is located on Bitola’s main square, and popular singers Elena Risteska and Viktorija Loba, who is of Russian origin, performed for the visitors.

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