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Prime Macedonian wines perfect inspiration for the world’s most famous poets

Continues the partnership of “Tikves” with Struga Poetry Evenings. At this year’s edition of one of the world’s most respected poetry events, top Macedonian wines of “Tikves” once more are inspiration for poets from around the world.
Its poetic impressions perpetuated over 100 poets, writing parts of the songs on the labels of wines of “Tikves”, which will remain as a reminder and a testament to the unique blend of literary art and wine. First place in the competition “Tikves in vino veritas” won the Australian poet of Polish origin, Alex Skovron.
“Premium wines and poetic works are genuine artistic creations embodying passion and emotion. We are especially proud that our wines are an integral part of the SPE.Thus authors and literary art lovers from around the world have the opportunity to see for themselves and attest that the Macedonian top wines are superb inspiration for poetry”, said General Director of “Tikves” Igor Ilievski.

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