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Greek Media: Greece Accepts Macedonian Passports

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs has distributed a document to competent services, which reads that citizens who present Macedonian passports at the borders should be treated the same as other nationals from third countries, the website Newpost reads.

The website has released a photo of the document dated from August 22, adding that the Greek border services have put stamps on separate pieces of paper rather than the passport thus far. The document reads that "stamps should be placed on the passport pages".

Newpost website says the situation points to "a change of the positions by the Greek government regarding to the Skopje issue".

Meanwhile, the opposition MP Theodoros Karaoglou has launched an attack on the MoFA over the issue, saying the country has recognized an official document with the name Republic of Macedonia.

Daily "Naftemporiki" quotes a source from the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs as saying that information about the Macedonian passports is false and unfounded, representing a malicious attempt to undermine the national position and the country's interests.

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