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Japan to open Embassy in Macedonia

Japan will open an embassy in Macedonia in January 2017, said Vienna-based Ambassador Makoto Taketoshi at Friday's meeting with Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki.
FM Poposki thanked Japan for choosing Macedonia as a destination to enlarge its diplomatic network.

"This decision confirms the excellent bilateral relations, resulting from the long-standing activities by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which began with the Government decision to open an embassy in Tokyo in 2009, followed by its opening in May 2013 and appointment of the first resident ambassador in 2014. This step will significantly improve bilateral relations and provide strong incentive for development of future economic cooperation", stressed Poposki.
Interlocutors also referred to Macedonia's domestic developments and the migrant-refugee crisis.

Poposki thanked Taketoshi for Japan's humanitarian assistance exceeding EUR 4,5 million in the migrant crisis management, allocated to international organizations operating in Macedonia. On the occasion, he presented the Japanese ambassador with a certificate of appreciation and recalled on the assistance provided by Japan International Cooperation Agency - JICA worth over US$ 340 million since 1994.
Ambassador Taketoshi also delivered a lecture before Macedonian diplomats themed "New Era in Macedonia-Japan Relations".

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