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Macedonia's National Archive Publishes New Copies of Historically Important Documents

The National Archive has published the third part of the project dubbed 'Special Edition of Documents True to the Original', for which five papers were chosen out of the large number of records kept at the institution's depot.

According to the National Archive, one document dates from May 16, 1905 and speaks of the leaders of the second revolutionary county in Aegean Macedonia; another represents a certificate for an accepted award presented by VMRO (Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization) to Georgi H. Mitrev and his services to the Macedonian Liberation Deed dating from December 1925; then, Panko Brasnarov's speech on the occasion of the first session of ASNOM (Antifascist Assembly of the National Liberation of Macedonia), dated August 2, 1944; a resolution on the Macedonian Alphabet passed by the national government of Federal Macedonia, with explanations on the new letters and the dark vowels, adopted by the Education Ministry in Skopje on May 16, 1945; and the Law on the National Anthem, from August 1946.

"The project's realization kicked off in 2015 and so far 16 documents were published. The edition will continue publishing other documents, whereas all interested citizens can purchase the exclusive copies for affordable prices at the Macedonian National Archive and all the souvenir shops managed by the Culture Ministry," the Archive said in a press release.

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