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Macedonian Statistical Office Releases Fresh Data on Tourism & Transportation Industries

The State Statistical Office published sets of data on Friday, covering tourism and transportation industries.

The data shows there were a total of 1.927,000 commutes in road transportation in the fourth quarter of 2015; 352,000 commutes in railway traffic, 22.433,000 in city traffic and 375,600 plane travelers.

The statistical office also informs that the quantity of goods transported in these three months by road grew by 39,7 percent, while railway transportation of goods declined by 32 percent. Plane transport fell by 10,3 percent.

Prices in the hospitality industry for February 2016 were at the same level as in the previous month, and grew by 0,3 percent compared to February 2015.

Cumulative index of prices in the hospitality industry for January and February 2016, compared to these two months in 2015, grew by 0,6 percent.

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